Krystal Ford F650 Shuttle Bus Sales

2014 Krystal F650 Shuttle Bus for Sale by Absolute Bus

krystal f650 k36 shuttle bus floorplan
Krystal F650 K36 Shuttle Bus Floorplan

krustal f650 k40 shuttle bus floorplan
Krystal F650 K40 Shuttle Bus Floorplan


Krystal F650 Shuttle Bus built on the Ford F650 cutaway chassis, Krystal’s finely crafted mid-size buses feature superb engineering and attention to detail. The exterior design of our buses shows a clean style with an automotive appearance, while the interior is put together with remarkable fit & finish. The Krystal F650 Shuttle Bus series of mid-size buses offers seating capacities from 31 to 43 passengers and includes more amenities as standard equipment than any other mid-size bus manufacturer. These amenities include upgraded electrical systems, fast idle controller, AM/FM stereo with CD player, power door locks and windows, upgraded seats and fabric, and electric passenger sedan styled entry door. Optional upgrades are available including options for the A/C system, video and audio systems, luggage partition, back-up cameras, seat and fabric upgrades, ADA equipment and most importantly, a large array of floor plans to suit your demanding transportation needs.

The Krystal F650 Shuttle Bus comes in two different size models; K36 & K40 with various layouts, some of which are shown in the diagrams to the right.

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 krystal f650 shuttle bus interior
Krystal F650 Shuttle Bus Interior


Krystal f650 shuttle busses for sale
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