Ventura Coach V235

2017 Ventura Coach V235 Shuttle Bus for Sale by Absolute Bus


Built on the solid Ford E350 chassis, Ventura Coach V235  buses transport up to 21 passengers in high-style and unsurpassed comfort and offers many unique features and custom built-to-order options that only Ventura Coach buses bring to the mid-size transport market. For church buses, assisted living transport, public transit and more, the Ventura Coach E-Series is designed to maximize the passenger experience with build-to-order seating configurations. Constructed for safety and longevity, Ventura Coach buses are built with an all steel wall, ceiling and floor frame. The body sports a fiberglass front and rear cap, one piece fiberglass roof, and full body paint. They also have a 3/4 inch composite floor, which is virtually waterproof.

Optional upgrades are available including options for the A/C system, video and audio systems, one piece sedan style door, luggage partition and overhead racks, back-up cameras, seat and fabric upgrades, ADA equipment and most importantly, a large array of floor plans to suit your demanding transportation needs.

The Ventura Coach V235 Shuttle Bus comes in many various layouts, some as shown in the diagrams to the right.

Ventura coach V235 buses for sale, view

Ventura Coach V235 Shuttle Bus Interior Front Viewing Glass

Model Standard Specifications
Width: 96 inches Fuel Capacity: 40 gallonsVelvac foldaway mirrors
Length: 23.5 feet Full welded  steel cage2 or 3 point seatbelts
Height:  10 foot  3 inches composite sidewallsAll LED lighting
Chassis: Ford E350 3/4" composite subfloor Large coach style windows
Wheelbase  138 inches Fiberglass one-piece roof Full body paint
GVWR: 12,500 pounds Fully insulated w/ foam board Over windshield  viewing Glass
Engine: 6.2L or  6.8L gas Full cab: driver & copilotFull undercoat package
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